Topic 1: Domains as ‘Business Real Estate’: Their importance In Your Success Stories!”

Topic 1: Domains as ‘Business Real Estate’: Their importance In Your Success Stories!”

What Are Domains?

What is the difference between domain and website?

Did you ask these questions to yourself?  When I started I asked myself these questions, after spending hours just deciding if self hosting and purchasing my own domain would be better authority for me or sub-domain hosting. I will address that to follow in this article. 

This is an introductory topic and my articles to begin with, are going to be laid out sequentially in a consecutive order to be more logical, both to you and myself.

There is slightly more to the blogging sphere than merely communication! 

What are some fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself when investing in a brand or business specific domain?

1. A domain is basically online real estate and bears the same processes and concepts as tangible brick and mortar investment and resale.

2. It is also far cheaper than tangible asset investment, usually starting at $13.99-$14.99 which is a zillion th of the price tag for tangible investments. It’s also less than a pair of Gucci or Louboutin shoes!

3.With prospects of login that are randomized and alogorithm encrypted formats, you are protected eternally.

4. The empowerment of control that comes with active involvement in a creative self taught and built process is exhiliariating and a very rich experience with due rewards.

5.Access to the ‘back office’ just as you would a tangible brick and morear business, to oversee each financial move of your business, and nurturing your business’ financial health constantly and on the go. Very portable work indeed!

6.If you require modification to your websites, owning a domain entails full control and no need to ‘outsource’ technical assistance unless it is required. You can change templates and design elements through your own ‘encrypted’ access.  Thus, very healthy for your business’ financial health going ahead.

7.With slick strategies, you can effortlessly and freely or at the least very inexpensively market your brand and business over the rooftops of the world.

The slick strategies I’m referring to are, Keyword implementation. Using keywords that define both your purpose and personality are a direct reflection of your ‘brand concept’.  If done correctly, you reap traffic, acceptance and wide popularity throughout all social media platforms. Google is always here to stay as the main tool and standard to live up to, a marketing tool and assessment itself.

Key words are definitely a  critical element at this stage of  your business, ownership and registration of your domain name, essentially choosing the correctly and creatively put title with your ‘area of expertise’, niche keywords in your domain name, can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

Essentially, key words in a domain name, enables recognizable results and widely popular search categories or phrases on google, and as a result your domain is going to be a searchable and popular relatable interest of quite so many people out there.

Thats the name of the game and a very  powerful strategy, as you have already begun this leg of your adventure on the right footing. You have actively participated in marketing when you least thought so.

The magic lies in the traffic and potential fame and name you may earn (earnt social media, ESM) for your business’ brand acceptability and concept.

If you scroll down below, you will see why I decided such a diagram was integral to your brand concept. I created this diagram myself and even the words, to illustrate the ‘central’ concept of brand image in your marketing campaigns and the peripheral hexagons that relate to it.

The peripheral process hexagons, are the set of strategies that start with ownership of your domain and end in gaining ‘traffic’ to your website, which is hosted on your own domain!

More on this later, as it’s a hot topic itself!

Ill be discussing keywords in the ‘tools’ of your business, in an upcoming article.

For this reason I am also adding a Glossary of Online Entrepreneurship Jargon that can be referenced to understand certain contextual references to them.

For now, the most integral foundation you will need to build upon, is a ‘Professional’ Business linked Domain.

Q:Is Blogging a Business?

In certain ways it is, though you start out communicating you have a world of diverse options to pave your interests toward. That is what I learnt very soon in my quest for the ‘Correct method to Blog’.

This article is for all avenues of online visibility and to be heard, seen and propagated online and on a global scale or a local scale if you desire.

It is intended for all structures of online websites, whether it be blogging, vlogs, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, trade, consultation, online galleries, eBay shop owners and secondary trade platforms or for all forms of business.

As you can see a vast opportunity awaits you with the creation of a website resting upon your domain.

Q:So, there is a Correct way to establish yourself online?

Of course there is and I highly recommend that the time should be invested in doing it correctly or not at all. Yes this is very realistic advice to you and should be treated seriously.

Trial is okay but a realistic evaluation should be done introspectively, of how much time you can devote to a website.  This is from only 2+ months of experience and your marketing strategies are always ongoing.

More about that later in subsequent articles, I really felt the necessity to address this, especially for a new comer who yet is learning the ropes of the online business world.

It doesn’t have to be purely a business but when you decide to own your domain, the sudden realization will dawn upon how you can optimize your website!

Pretty soon the terms, Domain and Website, become your jargon as you proceed forward and you will come to think along these lines constantly. They become highly used keywords themselves!

Do.main(n): “An area of territory owned or controlled by a ruler or government.”

Is this you or do you recognize yourself as someone with a “specified sphere of activity or knowledge?”

Possibly, the third definition for a domain is more a “discrete region of magnetism”, and the rest is you are the rich magnet drawing people toward your impact.

Computing/ “1.A location connected to the internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web.”
Figure 2: Process of Domain and Website Initiation. The Birth of Your BRAND ONLINE.

Either way, you are the owner of real estate, and just because you think you have entered the online world, doesn’t make it any less than property you invest in tangibly.

The same principles in current years can be readily applied to your online domains, equally and how you invest in building it, establishes your online presence sometimes even fame.

Q:How do you establish a domain? Read it as: how do you rule your ‘Turf’ online?

This is essentially through determining the availability of a domain name

 Check below to determine if your names’ taken or still up for grabs?



Q:What are your Next Steps?


 “A Web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service, that allows individuals and/ organizations, to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.”

                                                                                                Wikipedia Glossary of terms.

Wikipedia has defined the term, ‘Domain hosting’ quite succinctly, to draw reference and portrays the bigger picture.

However, referencing through many sources, the main being ICANN WHO IS, there are far more steps to Domain Registration and choosing the most value-for money, based Hosting company.

There are just so many, that I had done a brief research for a day before I decided to go with a very reliable Hosting company. Read on as I disclose the details and let me do your research for you.

 I am also creating a glossary of online entrepreneurship terms and jargon that you will be using and hearing quite often, upon entering the online sphere.


 The Process of Creating your ‘Brand Image or concept: Domain Registration and Website Ignition Ready.’



Who is the network called WHO IS?

It isn’t a fancy acronym nor does it stand for anything, except for the basic fact it is a registry of domains on the world wide web. It is a system that basically asks the question: WHO IS responsible for a domain name or IP address? (ICANN WHOIS, 2016)

WHO IS is not a central run or operated database, rather the data that exists and is entered into their system is managed by independent entities known as ‘Registrars’ or ‘Registries’.

As you can see from my diagram above, WHO IS is the main data base and is itself affiliated, read associated with numerous Online Registrars of hosting services, the web hosting services you know of currently.  There are constantly newly emerging Hosting Registrars on the marketing horizon and it is always evolving, however certain credentials make hosting registrars worth your consideration.*

What data does WHOIS store?

This sprawling registry data base, stores all identifying and contact details which may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Name: usually as it appears on your government ID forms and or passport, driving license, educational transcripts etc.
  2. Address: Email and physical address are required most often, more so if you own a brick and mortar store in conjunction with an online store, such an example to think of is, in terms of shopify. My spell checker prefers Shipify which probably gives Shopify, it’s rightful definition by association.
  • Email: with whichever mail server you have an account with and created the domain or registered a domain, using your specific personal or company email address(es).
  1. Phone Number
  2. Administrative and Technical Contacts: in your current possession or ownership, if applicable that is, its definitely not imperative for a newcomer and may be only required in trade contracts or existing trade agreements and where financial trade or transaction occur in a current state. 
  3. In some circumstances, payment details.  It may or may not reflect this but often may and is ‘private’ by current bylaws. This means your sensitive data is safe from cyber security threats or theft. 


These terms will also be included in my glossary pages.*

If a hosting company wants to become an ‘Officially Recognized Registrar’, that company must earn sufficient ICANN Accreditation.

Q: How does a Company earn ICANN Accreditation?

In essence, what makes one hosting company more legitimate online and for you to trust?

That is the question that underlies many enquiries into what constitutes the best hosting company. You are looking for a company to have faith and trust with your ‘sensitive’ data.

The ‘Registration’ body, the hosting platform are under a ‘binding’ contract with ICANN to operate a ‘generic’ top level domain, such as extensions with .com,.org or some new entries like gTLD’s.

Q:What are gTLD’s?

Examples of gTLD’s include extension forms at the end of the domain name registry, such as: (. storage) and (. link)

Disclaimer: The information sourced here will be referenced, in the below references section. For this particular data, I owe citation to ICANN WHO IS, articles available online for public use. I have made it in the most concise easy to understand format so that, if need arises to cross reference, you have a great foundation to start with. (ICANN, WHOIS).

Please find the link provided for cross referencing if needed*:

It is the goal of ICANN to always provide ‘updated’ timely, relevant, accurate and complete WHO IS information but then laws are applicable too. Governmental or state laws, do affect availability and also accessibility of data. (ICANN, WHO IS,2016)

The reason it is becomes a contentious topic, subject to laws, is because to maintain and abide by ICANN company policies, the ‘Registration’ agency, hosting platform, has to make this data publicly accessible for those ‘registered’ or owned domain names.

The ICANN WHO IS system or as they term it ‘protocol’, basically gives access to anyone to ‘search’ the web for databases and identify the domain name registrant.

For this reason, after registering your specific and self hosted ( to put it briefly: purchased and hosting platform decided upon) or self owned domains, you will receive a notification from WHO IS directly. It lists the hosting platform, the registrar and your details with detail as provided ‘privately’ to you.

If it is a sub domain, with extension forms such as or, as some noteworthy comparisons, the data base information will be linked to the company.

However, that is for ‘free’ hosting options and per se, not applicable if a company owns a name specific domain to their company and website. That is essentially, a self-owned domain.

Perhaps that is the single most contemplative decision of owning a domain, but there are avenues to protect yourself.

All is not woe, and as you read my other articles you will have known how you are still safe, regardless of your hosting decisions or ownership plans.

That’s where the antimalware and spyware, with layered security and cybersquatting play into the equation. more on this subsequently, stay tuned please.

“In 2016, new ICANN bylaws have replaced original WHO IS obligations”, that were established originally, it went into expiration as soon as the new bylaws came into effect.

These current updated bylaws require periodic revisions and scrutiny to assess, the current gTLD -Registration directory service data base.

In essence, it is the WHO IS Registration Directory Service(RDS). What you have come to familiarity with as the world wide web data base, afore mentioned.

Q:What does that mean to its end user, You? The domain owner, or even to the Hosting company you currently have registered your Domain at? 

It basically means you are justified in feeling safe, and knowing these new bylaws, abide by law enforcement policy, privacy act compliance and thereby generating consumer trust and security.

You can rest assured with the new by laws in place, that the data you enter into those ‘enter your data’ fields are safeguarded, and the system overall, is constantly undergoing evolution for the better.

The only requirement and I think which you find ‘rational’ is to always update your business and or personal contact details, email linked, in some circumstances your physical address(es) to ICANN WHO IS, if changes are made.

This is especially applicable with relation to a local business or those businesses’ who have diversified into brick and mortar retail stores, consultants who operate and deliver services locally and any ‘area-specific’ services.


I created the above flow chart(which I referenced and adapted from ICANN websites and documents which are available for reference)to elaborate the basic steps involved, so you would get a simplified idea of what the process entails.

Within each hexagon, is a diversification that can literally stretch across like the tentacles of an octopus.

The pods on the underside of the octopus’ tentacles are similar, if you view the website registration process on these lines. Each suction cup exemplifies a process and sub-group focus of the online marketing universe.

Or, if you think of Jellyfish like my video below, it essentially exemplifies the propulsivity of how you can move ahead.

The Jelly fish needs to retract, that is internalize resources and then push ahead. This analogy though it seems outlandish is pretty relevant to your online or for that matter all your business ventures.

Video Source: Courtesy: Shweta MG from footage at San Francisco Aquarium. March, 2018.

Essentially, the Jellyfish or Octopus propel themselves toward their ‘Resources’, and you like these successful creatures are determined to be visually and literally heard online!

You are propagating your ‘Brand’ to the world!


Q:What is the Meaning Of A ‘Brand’?

“Brand is a word widely used but unevenly understood. It is an evolving concept changing over time.”

(Forbes, J. McLaughlin, March 15th 2018)

A brand is a Trademark of a company and according to its Dictionary definition,

It can be defined as follows;

Brand(n); “A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.”

(Syn); make, line, label, marque; more.

Realize, that the terms brand image and website are the same and essentially a reflection of yourself. The Starting point is Creating Your Website on a Hosted Domain.


Q:Often asked, is the question of how to build a website and also host it for Free? What types  of Hosting Exist currently in the Market?

This brings me to the next terminology, what is ‘Hosting’?

That is if you think in natural terms;

Hosts(n), According to this definition, hosting companies are the hosts and we are parasites, well it’s pretty similar really. We require our business ‘website’ to feed off or thrive off a host.

We are co-dependent upon a company for our ‘business’ survival prospects.

If this definition doesn’t sit well with you, I can understand and here is the dictionary definition which is relevant to the world of online entrepreneurship.

The Term hosting has been used above, but I would like to reference the actual term from a reputed online and very vast database, the ‘Tech Terms Dictionary’.

‘Hosts(n), A Web host is a data base of the world wide web that stores all the pages of your website(s) and makes them available to computers connected to the internet.

(re:Tech Terms Dictionary)

As you can see in my illustration above, that is exactly the role of hosting registrars who are ‘Accredited’ to ICANN WHO IS data base, on a global scale.

Although, I did mention in overall scope the process of hosting, the exact details need to be discussed. The inter-relation is strong to the earlier described process and this discussion below is an expansion of that.

Of relevance to you, is a separate glossary of terms on my website, just pull down on the menu option.*(coming shortly)

Or find the link here*, either way you get the contextual reference as we go ahead. If you are a seasoned Entrepreneur please feel free to contribute some of your own definitions, or those you feel are far superior in a financial respect.

You can do this, by leaving a comment below in the comments section and truly I really appreciate your valuable input of knowledge. I will make sure I add your name in my glossary for that definition with due respect to you.


Q: What types of hosting are available?

What are some common types of hosting available today?

Many companies offer the following types of packages:
1.Free hosting
2.Shared Hosting
3.And Dedicated Hosting.

You can have a fair idea of the types of packages just by their names, but the hosting packages definitely are broad and require a look into each ‘package’ to assess which one is suitable for your business or blogging requirements and for your budget.

1.Free hosting: With this hosting, your website is housed as a subscriber onto a single server. The resources of the server are shared between them, however are not ‘complete’ packages as many features need to be paid for individually or are not an option.

2.Shared Hosting: This can be a subscription type of structure and is often a ‘paid option. In these packages, you will be asked to pay a subscription fee to make use of features and add-ons, and service guarantees may be available also.

Definitely an avenue to consider only if you are just starting out.

3.Dedicated Hosting: Usually it is prudent to try out first with a free hosting package, or at least be able to see this as an option on the official ‘websites’ of domain hosting companies. Ideally, you should keep this as a measuring stick, against which other hosting companies need to provide you ‘similar’ if not better hosting packages for your dollars’ investment.

The purpose of hosting is to know your website and all the online work you put in the months’ ahead, will be safeguarded and unaltered, or that you can reach out to technical support in the advent of a glitch or requirement.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get to keep a free hosting for as long as you wish, if you are testing the waters online and still learning while you build your website, an article at a time. What is best, is that your first month is only $19.00 with all ad-one and premium benefits to ‘test the grounds’ with. You wont be aggressively marketed packages that are actually essentials for your website at a couple of hundred dollars extra.

Yet, with the prospects of a free or shared hosting or sub-domain hosting, the main concern is online visibility or as it is aptly summarized, ‘Ranking’ on search engines.

Ranking is the main concern of many individuals who are told that a free domain doesn’t rank. That is not necessarily true, because visibility has got so little to do with the software and more to do with your strategies in social media marketing.

Sure, you can debate to an extent that plugins are essential to accelerate this process, but at the end of the day, sorry for that cliche but it fits here perfectly, you need to perform statistical analyses of your website traffic, through tools ( I will write separately on this vast topic), you will need to assess keywords and analyse those digits, create pages and social media accounts which are exclusively dedicated to your business’ website.

These are only summarized bird’s eye view of social media and to say ‘earnt social media’ (ESM) marketing for your business’ brand concept(s).

There are many avenues to deliberate over and most of the hosting companies are linked to Word press, who also provides self-hosting.

However, the additional procedures and costs mount up and before you know it, a lot of optimization of website packages, are thrust for you to subscribe and pay individually.

Before you know it, at checkout you can expect to see figures such as $350.0+ dollars per month not year , for Hosting and few features only.

This may or may not include site updates, software update regularity, site security and anti malware protection, which are pretty costly items themselves.

Then come, the constant advertisements for packages and add-ons that definitely are integral to a healthy website, are shoved down your throat, without which you cannot proceed ahead in some circumstances. often provides this platform, and you can access this free with guidance and full-length tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you were to decide a free website and hosting option is in your best interests today, like a ‘test drive’ option, that is a great way to gauge how you feel entering the real realm.

In current times, many ‘Free’ Hosting Plans for domain registration and hosting have come available. However, with these companies you might be restricted to ‘.com’ address or in the worst case, a free sub-domain.

This is where you take on the extension of the company name, and not your desired or business/company name, such as

This is just an example to illustrate a point and hopefully my example is just that.

However, there are some hosting and registration companies out there, such as e Host, who might offer you ‘Free’ domains for life, but what about getting it up and running on the world wide web, that is essentially the definition of Hosting.

If you operated a local business, you will have to ‘map’ any suffix you owned before, that is the local extension form such as .us,.uk,.in, .au,.nz etc.

Sometimes these extensions are not recognized by and or associated online Hosting registrars with conditions.

As a result, your website will be lost in the vast ocean of a company, and your customers may not be able to search you.

Imagine how disastrous this could be, if you offered ‘local services’ such as, installation and/ or plumbing services?

Certain extension forms are acceptable and others need extensive conversion or acceptability through mapping your domains. Your next issue rather expense, is hiring a professional to do your domain mapping and associated tech related magic for you.

That is quite laborious, and a lot can go wrong within an online algorithm system, in mapping, transfer and speed.

Couple that with  the relative ‘ turning off of security’on your existing server, which might render you susceptible to online security issues or threats quite possibly.

For that reason, hosting with a premium tier registrant company will ensure your site safety and overall protection of sensitive data.

That is why it is imperative to own your own domain, and assess the long-term benefits over short term cost to invest.

However, the fine lines are to be read, with a reputed company and where free is an option, with a lot of Premium benefits. So where do you go for this ?

WEALTHY  AFFILIATE gives you all that you require without the added packages, hefty fees and subscriptions compartmentalized in other companies, but offered to you neatly in highly affordable and very valuable free, premium and annual membership plans.

At other Website Hosting companies, you can pay upward of $250+ dollars just for monthly hosting of your website and running. This is without any of the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate can offer you at a better value!

Refer to my article: The scope of Wealthy Affiliate, if you require to compare as a refresher.

Another important ‘Search Engine Optimized’ Strategy for your domain names are, to include both keywords and have your website name the same as or extremely similar to your domain name registered and hosted.

It’s not necessarily expensive as compared to operating a business from brick and mortar store, here you just pay the annual fees of roughly $13.99-$15.99, and any local extension is available to you, keeping in mind that you are practicing the best ‘SEO’ strategies for your business.

You could always start with any knowledge and information, that you have gained over the years, or in the time that you were inspired to start your online journey. That’s why everybody is a winner, because you are your own ‘brand’ concept.

Of course, you must have come across numerous sites offering you the steps and telling you it is better to start of paid.

There is a certain truth and hidden concept there. Were you told that you need to test drive this, and write content or to actively promote your website?

If so, then you are definitely ready to start on the right footing: your self-owned domain. This is a pretty serious commitment that you make to yourself and should be tended to always, based on your self evaluation and readiness.

That is definitely something that should be pre-determined on your schedule, and how you’d modify your existing schedule if possible, to ‘devote’ towards your online brand concept. If not, you should first consider sub-domain hosting.

It can be very perplexing to decide, but it can be just as easy as a ‘Free Trial,’ and keeping some written work to publish immediately  to your website, or if you have existing work that you composed, to learn Search Engine Optimized and key word integration strategies with the proper guidance and feedback.

That is one of my main decisions with opting in for Wealthy Affiliate hosting and membership. I am new I will admit, and I think it’s always an evergreen status, just because the online marketing world is very vast and diverse and evolving.

Even if you are experienced the trends are always newer than yesterday and for that, guidance can keep you focused and on task.

It’s this decision which helped me to decide hosting with Wealthy Affiliate, suited my levels of skills or expertise with an online business start-up.  I required all the help, tutoring, guidance, mentor ship and constant in my face do it prompts to get action out of myself.

I think this is vital, especially if you are very new and do not know where to start. Everybody needs that foundation to thrive!

The term ‘Start-up’ draws reference to these foundations and essentially is the same as ownership of a domain and building a website with quality material and information or products to your visitors, ‘traffic’.

1.Company hosted read as shared hosting, whereby you take on the suffix of the organisation hosting it for you. Usually these plans are free but carry conditions and the fine print may decieve you after your ‘trial’ period.

2.Contract with a Hosting company for an often Paid Self-Hosted Domain address.

There are many avenues to deliberate over and most of the hosting companies are linked to Word press, who also provides self-hosting.

However, the additional procedures and costs mount up and before you know it, a lot of optimization of website packages, are thrust for you to subscribe and pay individually.Before you know it, at checkout you can expect to see figures such as $350.0+ dollars, for Hosting and few features only., often provides this platform, and you can access this free with guidance and full-length tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate.If you were to decide a free website and hosting option is in your best interests today, like a ‘test drive’ option, that is a great way to gauge how you feel entering the real realm.

You could always start with any knowledge and information, that you have gained over the years, or in the time that you were inspired to start your online journey.

Of course, you must have come across numerous sites offering you the steps and telling you it is better to start of paid.There is a certain truth and hidden concept there. Were you told that you need to test drive this, and write content or to actively promote your website?

If so, then you are definitely ready to start on the right footing: your self-owned domain.

The Free options worth your time and money are;

  1. Wealthy Affiliate through the Site Rubix Platform.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the well-known re-sellers for larger corporation registration companies, like Enom.

  1. WordPress. Org which is indirectly linked to Site Rubix also, however is a separate business entity by itself.
  2. Free Website Builder
  3. Duda
  4. Squarespace
  5. Weebly
  6. Simyoly
  7. Strikingly
  8. Go daddy
  9. Strikingly
  10. Ucoz-Ukit
  11. Jimdo
  12. Yola


Other registrars which come with ‘Hidden’ costs are;

1.Site Ground

2.Name cheap

3. Bluehost

4.Dream Host

5.Host Gator

6.Go Daddy

7.1 & 1

There are a plethora of Domain Hosting Registrars more than what this list above entails, and is better evaluated in my second article: Domain Registry Reviewer( I will add this shortly).

Q:Another question out there, is the process of transferring a domain to another hosting platform?

This is true especially if the hosting platform is not giving you value for your money, or if the steps are too complex requiring you to ‘map’ your domain extension, to make sure it is compatible on certain hosting platforms.

Although I will address it more comprehensively in my Domain Registry Reviewer article, I will address that issue here to a limited extent. It follows the basic process illustrated in the scheme below ( that I created for your reference).

the-process-of-Domain-RegistrationRefer to my comparative assessment: I am adding it below as a baseline reference both in this article and its sequel(The Domain Registry Reviewer), because that is where I elaborate it further in my next article.

These decisions aren’t relatively easy and you may spend hours grueling over your investment dollars. That is the exact reason, it deserves a little more discussion to make that critical decision.

Parameters of ‘Serious’ decision making are based on:

  1. Price $, $$ or $$$
  2. Editing options
  3. Editorial ratings
  4. The products and respective web stores offered to you
  5. The Quality of the free versions offered to you
  6. Tools for marketing and blogging.
  7. Tools for affiliate marketing and smaller businesses
  8. Ease of operation and user friendliness. In terms, how easy is it for a new user to take advantage of the features and learn from each platform?
  9. Downloadability and updates regularity.
  10. Site back up and safety.
  11. Privacy features and client protection, anti-malware backup.
  12. Transfer to other sites and portability
  13. Membership perks and benefits: free and paid
  14. Adaptability on mobile devices
  15. Overall rating and extra features.
  16. Credibility and years in business for an added level of trust.

In this article, I am merely mentioning the companies that do offer you free and paid website template build-on and hosting , and a birds eye view as they call it, illustrated in my chart above.

This list is your basic intuitive checklist and also realistic checklist, especially where specific terminology and technological jargon are used.

I will constantly be revising all data periodically, and add more interesting info as time goes on. That is another thing nobody mentions to you, is the prospect that nothing is finite and finished, it’s an evolving editing and adding or researching process.

The main factor in my decision to host with Wealthy Affiliate, was that I was a total newcomer and was enthusiastic at the prospect of my own blog, finally being able to realize somewhat, the reality as the magazine editor for my own self-created brand.

At least this was my inspiration and for many of you making the decision to leap forward, it can be the impetus to make that decision today!

I cannot even begin to mention, the newest Ideas I have come up with, to diversify my first created website. I have learnt a lot and still evolving continually and you need to seriously consider this first and at least have a mental map of where you see yourself in a month.

Your days will be busy. You will see dozens of opportunities and very diverse world beyond your beliefs.That is something you need to evaluate before you embark on this process, is how you would like to expand on an idea you have.

Since we’re on the same page, I will definitely write on these concepts and the array of tools at your disposal.Communication to your audience and also to colleagues form your foundations as does social media reach out.


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