Shouting Your Business Over the Rooftops of the world! Strategies that yield Results and why?


Shouting Your Business Over the Rooftops of the world! Strategies that yield Results and why?

It has never been easier to capitalize on international advertising of your ‘online’ brand, whether you are an established brand or just starting out a fresh.

This includes your aim as an online consultant or providing personal growth to your potential clientele pool. The bottom line is the concept of a brand image and conveying the ideology of your brand, the ‘brand concept’.

Q:What are some of your challenges and how do you overcome them?

Utilizing Tools and Analytics to promote your brand concept through social media.

By active assessment and promotion, you can negate isolation and build ‘traffic’.

The answer is easy, however the method requires more deliberation and exploration. The focus of this article is centered toward tackling both steps simultaneously. The avenues are multiple but to ensure it’s done efficiently is the art of digital marketing in current times.

In the quest for videos for my health oriented website, I realized that this could be a potential avenue I could take and extrapolate further. It requires time and attention to work on a website, giving it structure and then marketing it online subsequently.

These two steps are very critical and always are repetitive steps. Of course, once you have your website structured and ready, it merely becomes an additive process, and this procedure can collectively form a broader concept of ‘Search Engine Optimization’(SEO).

To optimize your reach and gear your website to reflect this, the first step is to identify your ‘Brand concept’.

What’s your Brand Concept centered towards?

The decision is yours and these decisions can take time, and are based on necessity. Necessity also translates to conversion rate in the future.

Why?  Necessity dictates conversion into sales and gives you an idea of what your products say about your brand image. Necessity also is intricately related to traffic that may turn into sales and subscriptions if you offer such services.

The concept of choosing your brand concept or niche doesn’t mean you relegate yourself to choosing ‘fields’ of occupations, that actually disinterest you.

Your sincerity and dedication toward advertising this business will be compromised due to disinterest. You don’t want that, especially not after the first wave of mojo to begin the journey.

You do not want to waste your time with a niche that you cannot resonate with and this definitely takes time. Essentially deciding upon your niche and brand image are so pivotal that at times, it can be a determining factor of how successful you are online. So choose wisely,  lovingly and with zesty enthusiasm!

To bring this to fruition, capitalize on ‘Impact’ and ‘Traffic’, which are attained through social media marketing, you need to fully throw yourself into the game!

It can start as simple as brainstorming and as diverse as social media presence and marketing to follow.That bears the disclosure, that patience is part and parcel of your online success strategy arsenal, as is a cup of coffee that is often my business partner!

It starts with the creation of a summary of brand concept and it’s related components.

Q:What is a summary of a Brand concept? I’ve never heard of that before! You might ask me?

The summary of a brand concept is essentially, your ‘Executive summary’. It’s like a resume of your product and your mission, a formal business plan.

Task: Do you own a planner? Fear not! Create your Executive summary as a Brainstorming process.

If yours is scribbled over like mine, just create a brainstorm on a wide sheet of paper. Write out your main concept at the center of this poster or on a whiteboard .

Alternatively, if you have your heart set on a fancy planner, invest in it with desire and purpose. It will become your commitment to live by.


On this ‘Executive Summary’, you will answer the below listed questions, which are at the heart of your business concept.

1.Product Identification: What kind of product do you want to sell? Is it self created or retail ?
Around this central concept, extend arrows to include the below questions, that you will be answering as you write out the queries above. I will list these questions that are your ‘Business Plan’ or Executive summary template.

2. Features and specifics: What are the objectives of this product and its advantages or drawbacks?

3.Audience: this is called ‘niche’ markets. Who are you targeting your services or products toward?

4.Structure: are you a one person show or can you establish a team? Is this a product that requires one individual or a team effort? A team can also entail those you ‘delegate’ tasks, and are either local or international.

5.Years in Business: Essentially reflects your business’ reputation and experience delivering a service with reviews from customers or your current reach in the market. What are people saying about your services or products?

6.Money matters: This is where you get down to business! Money is the name of the game and you have to do this serious inventory of your financial ‘current’ status, projections your ‘future’, your financial structure and funding sources or investors. Are you the sole proprietor or in a partnership? This requires identification of structure or company type, by law.

7.Financial Resources:
What are your monetary requirements for your ideas and developmental growth? That is if you have a new idea or existing ideas to come to fruition, can you estimate that budget now? Is it a budget that is evolving as you develop a new product or bring new life to an old service or product? What can you envision essentially?

8.Forecasting: What can you list as the returns for your services and investments currently and in the future?

9.Product:Features and marketing strategies that are in place currently.
This ties back to identifying the above 8 points and if it’s retail or a service?

10.The Numbers again!
The length of time to fulfill services, the source of products, handling time for ecommerce and logistics calculations are applicable to goods based services. If it is a consultation service, the hours need to be calculated per hour of charge. A comparison of identical services existent need to be assessed.

This is essentially where the analytical tools come into play! You need to study the framework of a company that targets your audience and provides your similar or exact services which formulate your brand positioning concepts.

To identify which brand concept you are targeting and developing , an acknowledgment of your purpose is central to the brainstorm process. Some brands require the actual sale of a product, a tangible asset, whilst others require you to impart your skills and knowledge.

Ultimately, for a product ‘selling’ to be successful, it has to possess a beneficial value to its’ end users, in this case your clientele and niche market.

Significant research has examined the social media–shareholder value link, the role of consumer mindset metrics in this relationship remains unexplored, purely because consumerism and marketing are a very psycho-social in basis.

Media management and utilization of available tools in the current online world are quite inter-related topics and should be the foci of your business agenda.

Brand concepts are a very ‘Human’ and ‘cultural’. If your aim is brand marketing on social media, which has an international or local outreach, many practices are essential to your outreach. so let’s summarize these strategies to be discussed.

​I can attest to that, as it was only two months of understanding and focus, that led me to visualize some expansions to my diversification further ahead. There was so much more than just writing, or adding images.

Infact, the more interactive and engaging your images and strategies are, it’s guaranteed to be a great hit with a wider audience. Your valuable work also requires recognition and to be ‘simple’ enough to search.

I was driving the other day and found how integral the concept of KISS really is applicable here, otherwise known as Keep it simple stupid and also appealing in it’s social message.

Many people do not resonate with complexity, and if you’ve experienced this or practicing this, great work keeep it up!

On that note, relating to topic 1: your domain name should follow concepts, whereby your website is going to reflect in part or completely, your domain title. Here, it should be appealing and searchable to your ‘niche’ audience.

Brand image concepts need to be ‘consistent’ across all your social media platforms. What does brand ‘consistency’ mean?

Consistency online, basically refers to having a set pattern and regularity of practices that also tie in with using similar brand identification, graphically as well.

If your business requires you to create business cards or stationery, the wording and order, image including the logo, have to be consistent in this context equally.​

Your audience should be able to identify you and know it’s you, otherwise you end up re-inventing the identity wheel, many times more. You could use this time better, by enriching your websites, building high quality products and conducting ‘product’ research.

Task: Strategies to Shout your Business over the Roof tops of the world!
1. Assessing the Structure of your website and it’s theme and Creating your storefront website
2. Creating a statement of purpose for your product and a product gallery with images and descriptions.
3.Search Engine Optimized format of a website and it’s structure with content.
4. Social media marketing of your storefront, services website(s).
5. Reinforce 1-4 for every new advertising campaign for your product or services.

*Where the Designation of ‘Task’ appears, it is the prompt for you to write these questions and actually answer them.

Of vital importance is the concept of Search Engine optimization.

How do we define and practice Search Engine Optimization?

According to Investopedia and other reputed financial dictionaries, Search Engine Optimization can be defined as,

“Search Engine Optimization is the practice of drawing the greatest amount of traffic possible to a website, by strategically pushing it toward the top of the results list of a given search engine.”

It is a tool and a strategy all in one, mostly practiced by businesses or individuals who want to ‘maximize’ their online visibility of their websites. The boost that they earn as a result of implementing these set rules and strategies, can ‘boost’ their business and earn or monetize their websites, through a multitude of avenues. It opens doors of possibilities, each equally creative and exciting prospects in any ‘niche’ of your choosing.

It is quite possible to do it yourself or for larger companies to consider hiring an SEO specialist, who will adopt and implement these functions in their correct manner. It’s not imperative or even encouraged if you are a smaller business entity. Like-wise, it’s really all about the extra effort and not a special lot of skills.

Who are the Major Search Engines?



3.Mozilla Firefox


5.Smaller networks like ‘msn’ Microsoft networks.
Social Media Platforms that are Essential to your Brand concept

What are your Social Media Marketing Platforms?

There are two very broad dimensions of social media branding, that any company earns in it’s lifespan.

These are the concepts of Earned and Owned social media (ESM) and (OSM) respectively.
So what does that mean for your website as you build it out?

Owned social media (OSM), is the accounts that you create in the name of your business and how you market your brand.

Task: Now that you have Created an Executive Summary, proceed to creating social Media accounts for this business. Keep in mind that being ‘consistent’ with your message or statement of purpose in your brand concept, needs to be the same across all social media accounts. This constitutes your ‘Owned Social Media’ (OSM).

Earned social Media (ESM) affects your customer conversion rate, which heavily relies upon how your website stimulates it’s visitors, or through platforms such as Instagram, twitter or Facebook etc., how you engage with your readers?

Q: What Are The Avenues To Actively Pursue in your Online Marketing Strategies?

1. Facebook

2. Pinterest



5.YouTube: Vlogging.


7. Creating your own channels and podcasts. Similar in strategy to you tube media marketing.

8.Linkedin Network: Peer and colleague outreach, which can transform into marketing avenues.

They are very interdependent concepts and tools to assess your performance, and traffic, to assist you further in building your ‘Earned Social Media’ presence(ESM).

Owned social media(OSM), think of it as your starting point, just when you create your social media accounts for your website, your ‘brand’.

This is why the dominance of a domain can be imperative to financial success for your business, store, website or even blog! That is also why content which is top quality becomes so integral to taking it a step or more advanced.

Your integral philosophy, should be towards either client enrichment or service and satisfaction. That is the point, you need to take your ideas and ideals back to the drawing board.

You have to decide to whom you are targeting your products or services to. This is what is referred to as your ‘niche’ audience.

As you utilize the tools for social media brand empowerment, you will start to gradually observe your visitors, engage equally back with you which is a wonderful milestone for you!

Social media both owned and earned (OSM, ESM)are definitely tools by themselves, say parameters and measurement indices to determine how popular your brand is?

Existing social media platforms And The Role They Play, Propagating your ‘Brand Concept’:

The above just listed the particular and widely popular social media platforms. Each of these Social platforms can be used synergistic ally and complimentary to each other.

Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram or any social media platform you are ‘popular’ otherwise on, can be optimized to personal education, business promotion and the concept of your ‘global brand concept outreach’ strategy.

Quite a mouthful but you don’t have to say much when it comes to your online social presence, provided you immerse yourself lovingly in promoting, and essentially ‘selling yourself’ tall!

These platforms, if utilized correctly and with guidance, become a tool of great promise, and not merely a ‘passage of time’ and boredom, or non productive outlet. You start to view social media in a very different set of lens or screens, figuratively.

What are some international branding and advertising challenges you may face?

Remember this doesn’t necessarily apply to large multinational companies. Even startups and smaller run and owned businesses can face this dilemma too.

At times, Choosing the time of the day To schedule certain activities is best done with either an application time or schedule manager or with just your phone’s google calendar to do’s.

So what are some ideal times of the day to take a small break just to tend to ‘Earnt Social Media’?

It’s easier said than done and often times we are all caught up in composing quality content that we have to select days or times of a given day to implement this. You can definitely schedule your break times to coincide with these ‘Peak’ times to Earn Social reputability.

It all ties in with right footed SEO (Search Engine Optimized) best practices to do so.


As an individual blogger, affiliate marketing entrepreneur, drop shipper or with local or international goods and services, advertising yourself is your way up toward recognition and trust.

“Global brands are faced with the challenge of conveying concepts that are not only consistent across borders, but also which resonate with consumers of different cultures.” ( Torelli and associates, 2012).

The studies for which I could only reference certain excerpts, basically all come to a similar conclusion: that brand concepts are very interdependent and related to cultural values and bear a ‘humanness’ to it’s acceptability and comparability worldwide.

How is this useful for you as an entrepreneur? Why do mention this being applicable to us?

If you were to consider importing, drop shipping or affiliate advertising a product, you need to understand how your product is accepted or viewed worldwide and your desired clientele.

That influences the products you will consider, essentially modifying your scope and approach from here on.

Your product selection is in very close alignment to human values such as, acceptability, rejection, desirability, comparability or the lack of it.

According to research, as cited in an article by Torelli and Associates, who investigated the impact of branding and it’s concepts globally, the inferences were that brand concepts are usually abstract and true reflections of human values.
(Torelli et al.., 2012)

Many studies internationally have attested to the human dimension of image branding, as appeal and advertising based over the actual functional attributes you are promoting in a specific product or review. So accordingly communication is key!

The inferences they drew and which can be extrapolated and drawn into the context of personal website branding or storefront branding, online or brick and mortar has to take into consideration some vital branding concepts:

These form your goals and challenges: the very objectives that most of us online entrepreneurs need to live up to on a regular basis.

Each time you advertise a product to be sold on your website, and through primary or secondary sales platforms, remember the individual customer.

Search Engine Optimized Branding Concepts and Goals: The social dimension

1.Communication and personalization is key to success.You have to grasp the values of the people you are advertising to.

2.Brand meanings should convey a deeper plane of meaning to it’s users and may gain acceptance, the opposite if the tone is not universally acceptable results in incompatibility and no sales.

3.Based on your initial approval and comparability, custom tailoring your brand image may either lead you in one of two directions, favorable or less favorable acceptance. It should be carefully thought over.

4.That is, each step is a strategy in essence. I have always favored a natural appeal to both my readers and clients. I have also learnt this and built upon it at Wealthy affiliate training institute.

5.Your logo, taglines, slogans and general layout are also very subjective concepts within themselves.

6.Careful considerations of implementing personal or cultural orientations to your brand meaning. This can affect the way our customers and readers also resonate with our intent.

7.Global-local branding and culture are very broad perspectives of brand advertising.

8.Entrepreneurs online or otherwise need to understand the buying and or behavioral attitudes of their clients to begin their branding and globalization strategy.

9.Some very important cultural values, the studies throughout all the cited and specified studies identified are in alignment with 3 basic life values; such as benevolence, universal ism and self direction -growth or philosophy.

(Zeynep G.Canli et al., March 2018; Torelli et al.., 2012;Batra et al..,2017)

This list really gives you the complete breakdown, into which you can target your product selections and how you wish to go about your personal brand. These concepts are relatable to ‘consistent and culturally aware marketing.’ It also forms a reliable consistency checklist and research checklist.

You have done the research, identified your reach and niche, then the rest lies in being aware of how to continue this and maintain status quo.

It gives you, the brand proprietor, an understanding of how others view and are aware of your ‘brand’, of customers whom are decisive enough to purchase through your links (purchase intent and mindset), and overall a gauge of customer satisfaction.

The study in question, on improving consumer mindset and shareholder or trust value through social media outreach, was conducted by Colicev and associates(Colicev et al..,2018) in the Journal of Marketing, January 2018.

As a result of the study which involved more than 45 online brands and some statistical tests, it was shown that brand fan following improves, awareness, purchase intent also, overall customer trust and satisfaction.

The advise they put forth, is that a company who is socially engaged and responsible toward it’s online marketing approach, can expect to see their brand awareness spreading far and wide. Social promotion of your brand through all or possible channels drives traffic and fan following for products, provided that it also meets criteria no.2: It should generate a feeling of need and have a deeper meaning for necessity from your buyers, in short it should be of some beneficial value and have quality transformative power in your customer’s lives’.

As a result, their customers or visitors are contented and ready to purchase from such businesses and stores.

This goes for online auction style methods as eBay minimum or maximum price, linking your website to eBay, craigslist, other secondary sales platforms or classifieds.

You can adhere to these concepts as an outline for either an improvement upon an existing ‘social’ marketing strategy or as a foundation for new businesses, to start on the right footing.

Of critical importance to brand acceptability, is the approach both globally and locally to create a ‘brand concept’ and to assess the extent to which culture has on consumer and brand interactions.

The investigators of a particular study identified what they term as ‘conceptual gaps’ that mold perceptions of brands.

These conceptual gaps are the information and relatability voids to be filled with ‘brand marketing’.

However, as stressed when we market ourselves socially, it is always to others and therefore bears the burden of attraction.

Many factors of the macro environment can affect this perception, such as the ongoing current affairs in our world, political stages, digital evolution and transformations and environmental concerns.

These become decisive factors that have profound impact on culture, global and local brand approval and trust, not to mention your individual impact on your global audience.

The focus of the study was definitely from a psycho-social angle and the outcomes were evaluated to reach the conclusion of the interdependence of human behavioral factors on brand marketing. (Torelli et al..,2012)

It goes to show how powerful the individual can really be. Can you imagine this as yourself?

Another evidence to compliment this theory, builds upon the central idea of ‘cultural values research’.

The importance of specific Image attributes and the tie-in of SEO branding of an associated gallery of images or logos themselves play an integral role to consistency of our brands.

What does consistency in branding mean and why is it so integral to your brand?

Whenever the term ‘brand’ appears, please read it as your website you have created or about to create, for the purposes you intend it for.

This simply translates to consistent social media marketing and outreach, a good example to state is a logo or image on one website has to be uniform across all your other accounts, be it from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype and any forms of social communication.

If you are interested in Affiliate marketing, which heavily relies on ‘earnt social media’ reinforcing ‘owned social media, through reviews and outreach, or drop shipping which is another market, you still have to put yourself out there.

It makes it sound like social media has far-reaching tentacles and no matter where you turn, it will be that red button beeping glaringly for you to attend to. However, that’s just to emphasise its importance and in no way should you be viewing an enjoyable task as social media, as a glaring obligation,

It’s in your best interest to view it as personal and business growth! Which it is

It’s all about image and how you present yourself, really neatly exemplifies why you should go about your online monetizing and store creation through professional channels.

So why do so many gurus online advocate competition ? To whom are they targeting this message to and why?

Essentially, topics, keywords and strategies need to keep up with the rocketeering speed ahead, and essentially trends are understood through some very useful tools, that I will discuss in depth in the next article.

To keep up with trends requires, using tools like SEM RUSH and Google console, JAAXy a free key word tool to name a few.

These can help you, to assess where you should both socially market your services or products, and gives you an accurate idea of ‘trending’ searches.

You can optimize that to your advantage. That’s where the speed kicks in, as in how much faster can you communicate and sell quality over competitors? This goes for content strategies in blogging as well, it’s not just intended for retail

For New Entrepreneurs or Existing Entrepreneurs, a fresh perspective to your outlook is always a new starting point.

However,this is also worth your consideration you can be of any talent level or not at all. Does it matter like so many references say it does? No not really because you will learn a new skill set if you inspire yourself. That’s all it is really with any form of education. Being an online entrepreneur is no different.

As Sir Richard Branson puts it, the only mindset you need to succeed in business is the ‘Entrepreneurial mindset’. School and education play a part in training your mind to think abstractly. Imagine having the best of both worlds and what miracles you can create!

Identifying your personal brand through simple exercises: If it’s proving to be a challenge!

Do ask yourself honestly if you love reading news and current affairs?

Are you gravitated to giving and seeking feedback and that you can carve out a special moment of your day to write?

Can you wrap your mind around the enjoy ability of self-expression?

If you are writing at large at other social media platforms like Quora equally, that you love thinking a problem out and expressing it in written form?

Or if you even love the way you write yourself, that is in love with your own writing, this is a marvelous milestone for you!

That tells me and actually yourself, your readiness to make it big on the online world just by your expression and thought!

Where do you turn to if all you see is darkness?

You need to be reminded what led you to consider ‘branding yourself’? What change do you want to effect or communicate out there?

This is a great Question if any creeping fears or doubts pull you off your track and threaten to end it all. It’s a inquisitive question for those of you who need the motivation and encouragement to go for the long haul.

I have to ask myself this regularly, actually daily and it never fails me.

This is the impetus to propel forward, as I refer back to my article on Domains as your Real Estate, the concept of ‘Brand image’ starts there and is very interrelated to all my sequential articles, which are actually your detailed guides.

Sometimes a little abstract thinking between the lines will serve to spark your thoughts.

This begs me to ask you, what actually led you to visit my website, to read my articles and how do you plan on moving upward from here?

Please do leave your comments in the section below.

Also do check out this for extra reference:

It’s a great video tutorial for beginners alike and even seasoned entrepreneurs.

check out excellent levels business professional education :

If this is a learning style you like check out my other article: scope of Wealthy AFFILIATE:

For those of you like me, who believe structure is integral to success, there is just the ideal solution for you: check out my review: The Scope on Wealthy Affiliate.

You will be charting yourself from nil to expert in less than 30 days! I felt I needed to learn the ropes, otherwise it really never makes sense to jump in and drown after you find yourself lost in a sea of overwhelm.

To be less intimidated and more inspired, steps need to be followed logically, a set structure in place and then a gradual confidence build up to a point you can write better than you did before.

Let others not be your comparison just yet, because you will only overwhelm yourself and that can halt your progress. It can halt your business growth as well.

Regardless of all the limits, and fears you have, the world today is pretty liberal to self-expression so long as it’s just words and not much more!

More movements and campaigns are launched by the hour worldwide, perhaps through your stores you can advocate a cause or create one yourself! That is an example of a brand concept as well.

I know what you might think, but dispel some fear and if you are genuinely interested in communicating through written expression, or if you are starting to consider it seriously, you have ‘chosen well’. Everything takes time and is a lesson by itself, anyone can do that with an oozing dose of patience.

Your online journey is that much easier with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, who will motivate you when your mojo runs dry, where you need structure, input and to build upon your Earned Social Media !

With a supporting network of colleagues, and world renown mentors it should be quite inspiring and enjoyable, not to mention a source of profitability as an added boon.

I came across Wealthy Affiliate through Pinterest to be honest and I never looked back. I find it quite an immersive and thoroughly ‘addictive’ self growth prospect.

Within the Wealthy Affiliate network, Jay can guide you and has worked wonders for companies to gain them both local and international recognition, in alignment with desirable cultural branding values.

It is such a vast topic and a proper guidance by the likes of mentors at Wealthy affiliate can better equip your blogging or online business entrepreneurship.

It’s like the saying goes:

“Not preparing at all, is preparing to fail”.

Do check out my article: The scope of Wealthy Affiliate, especially if initiating an online business tingle you with new hope and excitement.

Not to mention, you have peers who motivate you to stay true to your original ideas and plans, and that is what you want as a new entrepreneur.

That itself is education, and can be of great value, when you have your own website and feedback to act upon very soon!

Soon you too will understand how differently you view the social media platforms you access as entertainment and connectivity with friends and family.

References:Abstracts of multiple studies were referenced in the creation of my articles as follows:

1.Carlos J Torelli, Aysegul Ozsomer, Sergio W.Carvalho, Hean Tat Keh, Natalia Maehle (2012). Brand Concepts as Representations of Human Values: Do Cultural Congruity and comparability Between Values Matter? Journal of Marketing:July 2012;vol(76);no(4);pp.92-108

2.Zeynep Gürhan Canli, Gulen Sarial-Abi, Ceren Hayran(2018).Consumers and Brands Across the globe: Research Synthesis and New Directions. Journal of International Marketing: March 2018;Vol.(26); No.(1); pp 96-117.

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4. SEO( Search Engine Optimization) Definition: Investopedia at:


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    1. Hi Heather I too found your article of great inspiration and depth It’s very relevant to mine in many ways. I’m also glad that you found it of insightful value and I will strive to create more.

      It’s such a vast topic and so many tools exist that it is almost a business itself, the business of social media.
      I value your time in reading my article Heather.

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